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PowerBack 50 kVA Multi Home

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Temporary Power Restoration Device
Auto Transformer restores a missing hot leg (or neutral) in either 120/240V or 120/208V 3-wire Multi Home services

SUPPORTS Multi-Home  SERVICES (50,000 VA)

The PowerBack provides a quick, convenient source of 240 volt power for multi-homes from one phase and a good neutral or 120v service from two good phases (restoring neutral).

The PowerBack Restores Power to both homes and businesses.

  • Multi-home restoration

    •  Dimensions 35”W x 20”D x 46”H—290lbs
    • 50Kva High Efficiency Toroidal Autotransformer
    • 2x 120V Hot Leads = 1AWG x 10ft Long
    • 1 Neutral Lead = 3/0AWG x 10ft long
    • Optional - 5ft. Long Quick-Lock disconnects w/ 1 hole Flood-Seal Connectors
    • 400A Circuit Breaker—208A Rating Continuous Load per Hot Leg
    • Thermal Sensor (105C) protects transformer against excessive overload
    • NEMA 4  All-Weather enclosure w/ lockable double-door system, and welded lifting eye
    • 13” x 3.5” Foam-Filled Flat Free tires, roller bearing hubs, stainless steel axle
    • Quick reference Installation instructions inside of front door.
    • The largest transportable Autotransformer available in the industry
    • Restore 120/240V to MULTIPLE customers in minutes.... Not Hours.
    • Application: Failed underground secondary cable to Apt. houses, Condos and failed cable between Pad-mount Transformers and Secondary pedestal/hand-hole
    • When 1 of 3 cables fail, The PowerBack temporarily restores 120/240V down stream of the failed and isolated cable.
    • The fastest method in the industry to restore power for failed underground cables.
    • Eliminate unsafe practice of installing temp. cables.
    • Improve Line Department efficiencies
    • Reduce overtime budgets
    • Return on Investment - 3 to 5 trips to the field
Model #: 50K-M
VA Rating: 50,000 VA
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Weight: 290 lbs
Size: 46"x35"x20"

Individual Leads-Quick Disconnect

Thermal Protection: 105 Celsius
Available Options:
Country of Manufacture: USA
Manufacturer: Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc
Warranty: 3 years