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PowerBack 20 kVA 200A Service

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Temporary Power Restoration Device
Auto Transformer restores a missing hot leg (or neutral) in either 120/240V or 120/208V 3-wire 200A services


The PowerBack provides a quick, convenient source of 240 volt power up to *20,000 VA from one phase and a good neutral or 120v service from two good phases (restoring neutral).

The PowerBack Restores Power to both homes and businesses.

  • Ultra-compact Power Restoration Device.
  • Provides same day temporary power restoration. 
  • Saves time and money. Now you can quickly restore power and schedule permanent repairs at a later date instead of having to make repairs immediately.
  • Designed for both overhead 120/240V and underground 120/240V 3-Wire systems.
  • Wheeled-Cart is Easy to Move. One person can transport the PowerBack to the job site. No crew or special truck is needed to transport the PowerBack.
  • Lightweight - Just half the weight of competitor products
  • No need to bridge or run shunts for residential customers who have lost one phase or the neutral to their home.
  • Improves public safety by avoiding the need to run temporary cables between customers when a phase is lost.
  • Increases customer satisfaction with faster service restoration.
  • Thermal Protected High Efficiency Toroidal Transformer- Located near the primary windings of the transformer is a 105C thermal protector switch wired directly to the Shunt-Trip solenoid in the Circuit breaker. Should the transformer over-heat due to overload or short-circuit, the circuit breaker will trip and shut the unit down.
Model #: 20K-M
VA Rating: 20,000VA
Recommended Service: 200A
Breaker: 160A
Weight: 130 lbs
Size: 29"x22"x13"
Connectivity: Metering Adapter-200A Rating
Thermal Protection: 105 Celsius
Available Options: GFI
Country of Manufacture: USA
Manufacturer: Bridgeport Magnetics Grooup, Inc.
Warranty: 3 Years