Toroid Winding Equipment

Bridgeport Magnetics group is the exclusive distributor for North America of GuangRi Coil Winding Machines.

GuangRi is China’s largest manufacturer of Toroidal Coil Winding equipment. The factory offers a full line of machines for the manufacture of power transformers, current transformers, chokes and inductors, as well as toroid taping machines for the entire range of products.

The microprocessor controlled machines are strong and very reliable, covered by a 12 month warranty for parts and labor. Bridgeport Magnetics group maintains a complete inventory of accessories and spare parts fort quick turn-around at our facility in Shelton, Connecticut.

 Bench Top Gear Head Machine  Bench Top Slider Head Machine  Floor Model Gear head Machine  Bench Top Taping Machine

Download GuangRi Coil Winding Equipment brochure